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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we are all over the extreme heat right off the top tonight.
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the entire metro area facing an excessive heat warning as the dangerously hot weather takes hold. thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm ever never tonight for brian. >> -- i'm laura evans tonight in for brian. >> i'm shawn yancy. once again at 10:00 it is extremely hot and humid outside. to put this whole heatwave into perspective we can let you know it has spread across 1 million square miles. what does that mean if you break it down? it's about 14,000 times the size of the district of columbia. sue palka joins me now. last night at 10:00 i think the temperature was 83 degrees. we just checked. it's still 87 degrees out here and it feels like 97. >> last hour it felt like 101. really what this is about in d.c. is absolutely tropical humidity. it feels like we're in the rainforest. we shoot the pavement temperature and it still feels like 91. that's the actual temperature. so these city nights are
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incredibly hot. that's part of the problem. our high temperature today was 94. we think we're headed for triple digits tomorrow and going to the maps i want you to see this massive heat dome that's been lurking to the west. we haven't gotten to the worst of it yet. now it's shifting east. give you some idea how bad this is, at 4:00 today minneapolis, you know how far north that is? >> oh, yeah. >> 95 degrees, dew point 82 and it felt like 115 in minneapolis at 4:00. here comes the big heat dome and now that excessive heat watch issued for yesterday is a warning which means we are expecting triple digit heat and hit heat indices likely ranging from 105 to 110 degrees tomorrow. want you to see the current heat index, ridiculous. it is feeling very close to the triple digits across the region. the heat index, how it feels to your body when you combine temperature and humidity, still feels like 97 in the district. that's what you have to get ready for. overnight we stay incredibly humid and our overnight temperatures really only bottom
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out at about 78 degrees. so the worst of it now we think rolls into town tomorrow and friday. unfortunately we can't really ditch it saturday. so that excessive heat warning that goes into effect tomorrow afternoon at noon until 8:00 is also in effect for friday. >> this dome is just hanging right over us. >> here come the dome. all we can do is prepare ourselves and make sure we take very good care. put yourself in intensive care tomorrow and check on the elderly and children as well. >> thank you. we'll check in later in the newscast. meantime this extreme heat is already hitting people hard. we're talking about everyone from ems crews to pepco crews and metro crews all preparing now for the worst to come. fox 5's will thomas is live with how this is affecting everyone and how dangerous this heat can really be. >> reporter: we're outside engine company 20 shop 12 in tinleytown. d.c. administration and fire workers have been especially busy today. just between the hours of 4:30
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and 5:30 the firefighters received nearly 50 heat-heated calls, nearly one per minute, and the call volume is estimated to be about 25% higher today due to the heat and the bulk of that is heat- related calls. as temperatures soar, you're probably wondering will i have power and how will my commute on metro be? >> i know my electric bill is going up. they're charging me more and what i'm hoping is that money is going to new technology, but it's a little disturbing when you come home or open up your refrigerator and the food is gone. >> reporter: he arrived home from work when we caught up with him. fortunately the food in the fridge was still okay. >> called pepco, left them a callback number. they called back 15 minutes later and asked me if the power was back on. i told them the partial power we had and they said they were
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going to send a truck riata. >> reporter: do you believe them? >> maybe. >> reporter: more than a dozen customer as long the same street near american university -- customers along the same street near american university lost power around 3:00. how is the power going to feel? >> going to feel great, man, that ac back. >> reporter: crews arrive within an hour. a utility worker says the problem is heat-related. a transformer leak burned due to the excessive load. >> it will take more energy or your air conditioner has to do more work than on a cooler day. so customers with will see a larger bill. >> reporter: -- customers will see a larger bill. >> reporter: 17-year-old mike just wrapped up soccer camp and the coaches didn't let them forget about the heat. >> they told us no, we're here to get better, but it's not like tryouts. you don't have to push yourself to hard. >> reporter: since metal expands in the heat metro elevators, escalators and rails can be affected causing
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problems. metro says additional track inspectors will be added. repair crews can work overtime and railcars with no working ac called hot cars will be taken out of service. >> what we want them to do is report the hot cars to us. the best way is use the intercoms on board the car, note the four digit call number to report the hot car. you can do that with the train operator through the intercom. >> reporter: you can also report those hot cars to your station managers as you leave the station. firefighters themselves are also taking precautions. they're carrying water on board the trucks and on fire calls they're rotating the crews more frequently. >> definitely everyone needs to do that, hydrate and stay cool, if you can. will thomas, thank you. in the meantime the district has a plan and is preparing to help residents stay safe and beat the neat this extreme heat and humidity. the dmv inspection stations will have special hours opening at 5 a.m. going to 1 p.m., two hours earlier than usual. sanitation crews will pick up
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trash an hour earlier than normal to keep the crews from working during the hottest part of the day. the city is extending hours at its outdoor pools. you can find complete coverage for everything you need to know to beat the heat. head to and click on the heatwave link at the top of the homepage. let's send it back inside to laura evans in the air conditioning. 87 out here but feels like 97. it is hot! >> it is terrible. it is terrible. you get in here. it's much more comfortable in here, shawn. you drew the short straw tonight. new tonight a renewed crackdown on the often troubling, sometimes dangerous streets of late night adams morgan. d.c. police and the guardian angels team up to try to curb violence and mayhem. fox 5's bob barnard is live along 18th street and adams morgan with more on that tonight. >> reporter: police are calling the crackdown operation adams morgan, an effort to tame the streets and sidewalks after
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long standing complaints from the people who live and own businesses here. on a typical wednesday evening even during a heatwave adams morgan appears to be a driving business district with a hearty restaurant row, but long after the sun goes down in the wee hours of saturday and sunday 18th street can turn into a scary place. >> especially around bar closing time after 2:00 till about 4:00 or 4:30 in the morning it can be pretty chaotic out here. >> reporter: you can see for yourself on youtube. it's because of unsettling scenes like this one that d.c. police in cooperation with adams morgan business owners are launching an attack on the loitering crowds that jam these sidewalks after closing time. >> there's not a bus.
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if people come here and it's a valuable customer for us, but if people come at 2:00 in street and don't spend no money, we're not safe at all. we're not happy either. >> reporter: in launching operation adams morgan this weekend mpd along with the guardian angels will be increasing their late night presence here. >> i guess we need more police because we are using more play. >> reporter: but irash ascaria who for 30 years has owned restaurants on this street wonders if adams morgan will work. >> it's not going to stop it. >> reporter: at least they'll try from now until labor day. >> during the summer months when things really heat up and we have a lot of problems. >> reporter: now mpd officials say the number of officers patrolling these streets over the next several weekends will be far more than have been deployed here in the recent
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years. >> is mpd taking these extra units from other parts of the city bringing them into adams morgan? >> reporter: apparently not, laura. the 3rd district police cabinet in charge of this crackdown says policing in other communities will not be affected by the efforts to combat violence here in adams morgan. you will soon once again be able to license and register handguns in d.c. the city has reached a deal with the district's only licensed dealer to set up shop in police headquarters. charles sykes had to close his business after losing his lease. he was having trouble finding a new place, so the city came up with this plan as a temporary solution no, word how long it will be before sykes is ready to do business again. police are investigating the murder of a transgender person in the district as a possible hate crime. it happened around 4:30 this morning on dix street northeast. miles mcclain who went by the
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name lashay was with another transgender person. words were exchanged with two men, then shots fired. mcclain was hit in the back. so far police have no motive. we are following a developing story tonight out of fairfax county. a 75-year-old springfield man shot to death in his own home and tonight police say his own son is the suspect. the shooting happened yesterday on chancellor way and fox 5's roz plater is in the newsroom tonight with the story. >> right now police are actively looking for that son richard hanson on a murder warrant. they believe he may be driving a green 1998 four-door saudi with virginia plates k -- audi with virginia plates klg246. fairfax police spent 24 hours combing over a fairfield home where a man was shot to death. by late wednesday evening police determined he was murdered and got a warrant for the man's son charging him in
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the murder. even before the official word neighbors were shocked. >> totally upset and i'm sure everybody in this community and everybody on the street is stunned. you get something like this, it doesn't fall to the normal pattern around here and we're saddened, also, because clearly we're people that we all liked and we can't do anything but feel sorry for them now and we do. >> reporter: it happened just after 6:00 tuesday evening and minutes later this quiet saratoga community of springfield was crawling with officers, weapons drawn on a manhunt, neighbors told to stay inside their homes. 75-year-old gary hanson had been shot to death. neighbors tell us the retired lawyer had lived in this chancellor way home more than 30 years with his wife and two grown sons. initially police had a lookout for one of the sons, 53-year- old richard hanson, calling him missing and in danger because
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of an unspecified medical condition, but now investigators are calling him a suspect in his own father's murder. exactly what happened and why are still unanswered questions. >> it's a tragedy to have something like that happen. it's shocking for it to happen in this neighborhood, but these things happen every day. unfortunately it was our neighborhood it happened in this time. >> reporter: police have not released a picture yet of hanson. he is described as white, 6 feet 1, 250 pounds, brown eyes and hair and is believed to be driving that green saturn. >> roz plater, thank you. it is not even built yet and already the metro to dulles pgetting a major makeover. we have details on the plans to cut the cost by millions. first it was rupert murdoch, today the prime minister of minister of britain taking heat for a very controversial hire now connected to the hacking scandal.
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navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. we may have a winner tonight in the dulles metrorail
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extension project. the airport authority agreed to build an above ground station at the airport. the project was in danger of falling apart over the fight to build a more inexpensive above the ground extension, but it's not done just yet. >> reporter: the airport's authority refusal to budge gave way to political reality. >> it's a shame that our decision has become a political football. >> reporter: the board reversed course agreeing to build the dulles airport metro station above ground and further away. part of it was planned by the secretary of transportation to cut the project by $1 billion. there was no plan b. >> we describe it as our last best effort to keep this project alive and get it on track and get dulles metrorail out of loudoun county. >> reporter: the agreement is contingent on certain conditions including agreements by fairfax and loudoun county to pick up the costs of parking garages and the route 28
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station. the federal government fave $900 million to save one of the projects but nothing for phase -- government to phase -- gave $900 million to phase 1 of the projects but nothing for phase 2. >> we have not gotten support for this project. >> reporter: robert brown the only board member to vote no. under both plans tolls in 13 years are expected to hit -- tolls are expected to hit $13. >> that's ridiculous. meanwhile people riding the train are not charged anything for a $700 million project. >> reporter: the feds say it's coming. the governor is not publicly committing. >> i think the government is committing to 150 million. i think they're on board. >> reporter: some propose keeping the underground station an option. >> we've been approached by several companies saying hey, what if we not only build, but we finance?
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>> reporter: until an agreement is signed, nothing is final. sherri ly, fox 5 news. turning now to the uk phone hacking scandal linked to the news of the world, british prime minister david cameron now doing damage control defending himself during a raucous emergency meeting of parliament today. fox's amy kellogg has the latest from london. >> thank you. >> reporter: british prime minister david cameron seeking to distance himself from his association with former news of the world editor andy coulson. >> with 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed i would not have offered him the job and i expect that he wouldn't have taken it. >> reporter: cameron hiring coulson to be his communication chief. coulson resigned and is free on bail after his recent arrest. >> if it turns out andy coulson knew about the hacking of news of the world, he will not only have lied to me but to the police. >> reporter: lawmakers probing into accusations news of the world reporters were paying off
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police for information battering cameron with rapid fire questions. >> does the prime minister accept his conflict of interest put the metropolitan police commissioner in an impossible position? >> reporter: coulson is among 10 people recently arrested in connection with allegations of phone hackings at the shuttered tabloid. others include rebekah brooks, another former editor of news of the world and there's the continued issue of alleged payments to police for information. >> police corruption must be rooted out. >> reporter: rupert murdoch, ceo of news corp., parent company of fox news, summoned tuesday as part of the investigation apologizing for the tabloid's mistakes and to its victims. >> let me be clear in saying invading people's privacy by listening to their voicemail is wrong. >> reporter: some political experts say this emergency session of parliament was to an extent really about the prime minister's reputation, a strategic session as parliament
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now departs for six weeks of summer vacation. amy kellogg from london, fox news. tonight disturbing new details about the kidnapping and murder of an 8-year-old boy. leibby kletzky left day camp from day camp last week in brooklyn. he asked aron for help before he was killed. detectives found his dismembered body in aron's freezer who has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and kidnapping. three hikers dead after being swept over a raging water in yosemite national park. a witness saw three people fall yesterday after ignoring warning signs and crossed a barricade to pose for picture as top a 317-foot vernal falls. the witnesses said one person fell, then the other two fell in trying to help out. tonight search and rescue teams are looking for their bodies. president obama shifting course against gwen in the debt debate. -- again in the debt debate. plus just how honest are people in the district?
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we have the results of a hidden camera test. you might be surprised. 
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with less than two weeks to work out a deal there is word tonight president obama might accept a short term agreement after all to raise the debt ceiling to avoid what could be the country's first ever default on its loans. fox's wendell golan reports. >> reporter: a day after saying a bipartisan senate proposal might break the logjam over cutting the deficit and raising the debt ceiling president obama met separately with leaders of both parties and the so-called gang of six briefed house members on their proposal. gang member kent conrad, a north dakota democrat, said some of the plan's critics are trying to kill it in the crib. >> we are working in a group of six to try to inform colleagues, you know, there is so much assuming you put out a plan like this, there's so much
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misinformation that goes out. >> reporter: some 30 senators, republicans and democrats, indicated they might support the plan. gang member saxby chambliss, a georgia republican suggests house republicans wouldn't have to violate their no tax hike pledge. >> we really aren't raising taxes. we're actually lowering rates to help generate revenues. >> reporter: still the plan would help lower deductions for mortgage interests and health insurance and savings for retirement and taxpayers would pay $1.2 trillion more over the next decade. on the house side only democrats voiced interest and most of them are not persuaded. >> there's a lot of questions because there aren't details both about the process and content. it's an 11th hour type situation. >> reporter: at the white house aides said the president's budget director assured them there is still time to get the legislation through congress before the august 2nd deadline but barely. >> we think there should be and there could be, but i'm not laying bets that it's going to
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happen. >> reporter: a new fox news poll indicates americans still don't support raising the debt ceiling and by a wide margin. most feel bipartisan warnings of financial catastrophe if the u.s. should default are an exaggeration and the president's job approval rating is still disappointingly matched by disapproval. back on the deficit talks, the president continues to rule out a short term extension of the debt ceiling if there's no agreement by the august 2nd deadline, but if there is a deal and lawmakers need a few more days to pass legislation and put it on his desk, aides say the president might go along with that. facebook says no one under the age of 13 can have a profile, but a new study finds that is not stopping kids even younger than 10 from getting on the social networking site, what parents need to know next. 
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down in the web center tonight with a troubling trend. you have to be at least 13 years old to have a facebook
10:31 pm
page, but there is a trend of elementary school students who were not letting that age requirement stop them from having their own facebook page. fox's brandon todd talked with a couple youngsters who have their own page. >> basically what i do, there's nothing. we're just being social. >> reporter: at least once a day 11-year-old gabby bell logs onto facebook to check her page. >> if i miss telling them something at school, get on and see if they're on. >> reporter: her twin brother garrett does, too. >> you might be kind of afraid to approach them or like nervous to approach a girl. so i go on facebook and like chat with them. >> reporter: a study by consumer reports finds 20 million facebook users are just like these two 5th graders, under the age of 18. the study revealed those 20 million minors 7.5 million of them are under the age of 13 and 5 million are 10 years old
10:32 pm
or younger. these twins are quite older on their official profiles. >> i probably just turned 18 or 19. >> i said i was born in 1993. >> i've heard about kids creating homework help groups. >> reporter: this tech expert says the study is not a surprise considering the parents of these kids are likely on facebook, as are most schools. >> don't say don't do it because they're kids and they will, but it's just a matter that they're safe online and do they know what they're exactly doing. >> the pictures on the side bars could be inappropriate. so there's no way to control it. >> reporter: kimbell knows the risks and has laid down some hard and fast rules for her kids. never friend a stranger. mom and dad have unfettered access to both pages and time on the computer is at a minimum. >> part of our rule is it's a privilege that can be taken away. so if you abuse it, then you no
10:33 pm
longer get that. >> reporter: the message seems to be working. the twins say they've already encountered bullying and even cursing on facebook. so the unfriending feature was a plus. >> i can't hang around him if he's cussing. so i would -- i just like delete him. >> reporter: brandon todd, fox news. >> facebook did not respond to our request for a comment. since we're in the web center we want to tell you what's trending on the web tonight and that is the eight worse foods you can order in a restaurant. take a look here. the center for the science in the public interest released its annual extreme eating award. the list highlights the most calorie heavy dishes. you want to know the worst offender? cold stone creamery's pb and c shake with a whopping 2,010 calories, 68 grams of saturated fat. two items from the cheesecake factory are no. 2 and 3 on the list, the ultimate red velvet cheesecake
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has 1,540 calories and 59 grams of saturated fat while the farmhouse cheeseburger has 1,530 calories and 36 grams of fat. if you'd like to see the whole list and really become depressed, go to and click on web links. shawn, back to you. >> everybody up here is depressed. they say we need to run a marathon every day just to eat that stuff. thank you. a local organic seed company is -- tea company is tested society's honesty one bottle at a time. bethesda society set up unmanned pop-up stands and signs asking for $1 to be left for every bottle taken and they set up cameras to see just how honest americans are. they wested 12 cities including the district? how -- tested 12 cities including the district. how did d.c. rank? before we get to that what prompted this social experiment? >> it was really fun to test how honest people are. i think there's a lot of distrust in our society or seems to be and the fact is we
10:35 pm
ask people how honest do you think they will be? we heard maybe 70% of the people will put money in the box. what we found is most cities were above 90%. >> that's surprising. i would have expected a lot lower like you said. let's look at some of the rankings. chicago was the most honest. give us the rest of the list. >> d.c. was very high, in the 90 percentile. new york came in lowest. >> oh, my goodness. we're looking at the list now and see chicago is most honest, 99%, boston and seattle and dallas 97, d.c. 10 out of 12 at 91, not too bad. >> it's a pretty close pack right there. all it takes is one or two people running away with a few extra bottles to throw it off when you're in that close competition. i thought it was impressive. >> i have to ask you as we watched the video you could see people right now sticking money in.
10:36 pm
did the honesty results surprise you? >> you know, i think for me it was reaffirming. i've always believed that there's more trust out there. people are better than we give them credit for. i think people feel so defensive sometimes you're not willing to trust people. to me it was a nice encouraging sign that you can trust people a little more than you might be inclined to. >> it is good. 91% is pretty good, d.c. what are you doing with the collected money in the experiment? >> we're donating it to three different charities. on monday we'll let people vote which charities should get it, but groups like share our strength and rail trails and city air. >> it this doesn't mean you'll be setting up pop-up stores hoping people will be honest to drink your tea, does it? >> not on a permanent basis. >> seth goldman from honest teas, thanks for coming in and showing us that americans are pretty honest. redskins fans, there may soon be reason to celebrate.
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nfl negotiations could be in their final hours. we'll have an update on the progress being made here in the district next. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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the nfl lockout now in its 127th day and today in d.c. players were supposed to vote on a new collective bargaining agreement, emphasis on supposed to. fox 5's sports director dave feldman joins us now with what actually happened. >> the nfl players did not vote today on a deal to end the lockout, but they could tomorrow. evidently there's still some work to do to fine lies the agreement. a majority of the players reps
10:41 pm
left the nfl offices late this afternoon giving the executive director a vote of confidence to finish the final deal points. the players could vote tomorrow morning via conference call in time for the owners to vote tomorrow afternoon at their atlanta meeting. here's what the nflpa president kevin malai had to say earlier today. >> our goal is discuss the outlying issues that may or may not still be there, but make no mistake. the players are not tied to a timeline of july 21st. our timeline is that which gets us the deal that's the best deal for our players. so whether that's today or tomorrow or whatever it may be we want to play football, we want to go back to work, but we're not going to agree to any deal unless it's the right deal for all the players. >> a lot of players are involved here, feldy. what kind of vote is actually needed to pass this thing? >> 1,900 players in the league, takes a majority vote to ratify the deal. once that's done, as we said,
10:42 pm
most of the owners, 24 of 32 have cast yes votes for the cba to be ratified. >> if it's passed, what's the next step? >> members from each team would head down to atlanta to receive a tutorial on how the league would resume operations including players using the facilities, speak with coaches and the crazy free agency, of course. >> we know you're staying on top of it. thanks for the update. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 more than 10,000 people are flooding into northern virginia for a historic milestone. the four days of events also come on the hottest weekend of the year. what's being done to keep the crowd safe and what you need to know if you're going. plus find out why these local kids went to boot camp on one of the hottest days of the year coming up at 11:00.
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a fox 5 health alert tonight on the push for free birth control. a medical panel recommended the government require health
10:46 pm
insurance companies to cover contraceptives as preventive care without copayments. conservative groups opposed the move in part because insurance companies would have to cover plan b and a drug called ella. >> for emergency contraceptions can actually disrupt what the ama calls an established pregnancy after implantation which by anyone's definition is an abortion. >> the request of the study came out of the healthcare reform legislation and i'm pleased that the secretary now has indicated that the department will implement it quickly. >> the health and human services secretary can make the decision without congressional approval. she is expected to decide by august. there's also an effort in congress to allow those who object to opt out. caught on camera in l.a. a geyser shooting up out of the street. the man accused of driving a stolen car hit a high pressure fire hydrant. the water wasn't able to be
10:47 pm
turned off for over an hour because the valve was too deep underground. the water flooded three houses, one seeing serious damage. police arrested the suspect at the -- receiving serious damage. police arrested the suspect at the scene. in wheaton tonight a 16- inch pipe snapped early this morning on georgia and wideman road. the northbound lanes reopened around noon but the southbound lanes from georgia to henderson avenues are closed tonight and likely through tomorrow afternoon. be aware if you have to drive through the area. >> here we go. >> that's the last thing they needed. >> surprising, too we didn't see more heat-heated problems today on the roads -- heat- related problems on the roads. >> it was more humid, but the temperature was 94 as compared to 97 degrees. >> cooler? >> using that term oh, so loosely because as shawn and i
10:48 pm
both will attest to, it feels worse tonight. >> it does. >> the humidity. >> 83 last night and 78 tonight? >> exactly. there's all this moisture in the air. it's so dropically human it retains everything. -- so tropically humid it retains everything. if you look way down towards the masonic temple in virginia, there's haze in the air. it will be back tomorrow. it's definitely a hot spell we are in the middle of. in 1930 our high temperature in d.c. got up to 106 degrees, the hottest we've ever been, and that was today's record. at least we didn't break it. we'll come within a few degrees of it later in the week, not excited about it. we just want you to be ready because we've been saying for a number of days the hottest of this would get in here thursday, friday and saturday. that's what we're looking at for tomorrow. 94 at reagan and dulles, bwi 95 and the oppressive humidity made it feel so bad and our temperature still 87 degrees,
10:49 pm
so definitely warmer tonight than last night. this kind of builds on itself and becomes more and more uncomfortable. the air becomes more stagnant. when you factor in the very high humidity, it feels like 97 degrees at this hour. gaithersburg feels like 89, frederick feels like 92 degrees and dulles 91. look at annapolis at 95. what you're finding is the air conditioner doesn't shut off. this huge heat dome that has been really encompassing so much of the country is now beginning to shift to the east. good news is that's the beginning of the end for the middle part of the country because they've been broiling and baking under this for so long. high pressure will continue to block it just a bit. this is an area of high pressure in the upper atmosphere. we also have a bermuda high pressure system. so that's feeding in a lot of heat and humidity and we are talking about a heat index that will feel like 105 to 115 degrees. that is especially for us on thursday and friday. lots of heat warnings. we've got heat warnings, too.
10:50 pm
these got upgraded from the excessive heat watch yesterday to be a warning. this will go in at noon until 8:00 and we'll see it again friday. what does that mean for d.c.? we know it will feel warmer than the temperature i'm about to show you, but we think it will get to 100 tomorrow in d.c. no relief going up 95. philadelphia about 95 degrees, manhattan 100, boston 96 degrees. of course, it may feel as hot as 110 and for some of you maybe 115 degrees. running through the temperature trends, friday looks the hottest of our days at 102 degrees and again that excessive heat warning in effect friday. if we hit 100 saturday, it may be in effect for a third day. there's the possibility of a little relief, some 2 degrees of leaf perhaps if a weak backdoor front tries to slip through on sunday and maybe give us a couple thunderstorms, but the next several days will be hot, humid tonight, temperatures bottoming out in the upper 70s, maybe mid-70s if you live far enough north and
10:51 pm
west. it's mostly fair skies tonight, about 78 degrees, excessive heat warning for tomorrow. protect yourself. give yourself plenty of breaks, 100, feeling like 110 degrees of here's your five-day forecast. everyone is asking when do we get a break from this? the break begins on monday, 96 degrees. i know, that's not a break, is it? but it might be a little better on tuesday. we think a more substantial front may swing through tuesday. we'll talk more about that coming up on the news edge at 11:00 and something i didn't get to tonight, we have another tropical storm. there are two out there now. we'll show you the track in the news edge forecast in a little bit. we are hours away from the end of an era in american space travel. the space shuttle atlantis is scheduled to arrive just before 6 a.m. at kennedy space center in florida. atlantis is wrapping up its two- week mission and the final mission of the 30-year shuttle program. it is expected to be a highly emotional touchdown. mission control will be closed
10:52 pm
soon. hundreds of workers will be laid off. so what is next for space exploration? a local man homes his company will be the future. he's -- hopes his company will be the future. he's excited about stepping in to fill the void. this is the face of the future of u.s. spaceflight. he's not an astronaut, never flown a shuttle. instead elan musk is a dreamer with money and a vision, something he calls economical space travel. >> the cost of propellant for flight is only about $150,000. so if we can fully and rapidly reuse vehicles, the cost per flight, amount least the marginal cost to flight can -- at least the marginal cost per flight can drop from 60 million to $150,000. >> nine years ago he invested a fortune in engineers, scientists and hardware. the scientists took $800 million built a reuseable rocket. the engineers took $300 million built a reuseable space capsule.
10:53 pm
eight months ago space x became the first commercial company to launch and recover a spacecraft from the earth's orbit. musk is so sure of his gamble the space x has a sign and fixed price contract with nasa for 12 cargo missions to the international space station. >> so the partnership is a very key aspect to the program. we both have an alignment of goals. we want it to be safe. they want it to be safe. we want it to be reliable. they want it to be reliable and we both want it to be cost effective. >> nasa has always been reliant on the aerospace industry to supply hardware and software for the space program. in the past taxpayers paid the bills, but now the difficult fiscal climate means private funding has to cover the cost of some flights. >> it's a much better value for the taxpayer. it takes advantage of an industry that we have all helped develop in this nation and allows them to put their creative and innovative spirit into what they do while nasa does the cutting edge hard
10:54 pm
thing. >> this fall space x will launch a rendezvous mission to the international space station, but the first trip with astronauts with an american commercial space venture is three to five years way and with shuttle flights ending and resupply missions to the international space station needed for at least another decade, elan must gamble it will pay off. these service members are not from iraq or afghanistan, they're from world war ii. why this dahab so long in the making next. -- day has been so long in the making next. your five-day forecast has been brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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a long wait ended today for three families at arlington national cemetery. the remains of men lost in world war ii finally laid to rest. the three men were missing in action for years after their
10:58 pm
tank was destroyed. this was in 1944. fox 5's karen gray houston has the story. >> reporter: it's been 67 years since the three crew members of the m-10 tank were killed. remains in a single casket army private first class lawrence harris of elkins, west virginia, corporal judge hellums of harris, mississippi, and private donald owens of cleveland recovered, identified and saluted. family members who never got to know the three soldiers sat through a service in the hot sun honored just to be there. >> i'm thinking this is one of the miracles that come to a conclusion. >> reporter: three riderless
10:59 pm
horses symbolized the soldiers killed by enemy fire in an attack on their tank by german forces near the french forest. their remains were discovered years later. family members say it was a challenging process. several searches, various sites. >> he told me that i photographed it. it's unbelievable, you know. unbelievable. they did a wonderful job. >> reporter: the family of private donald owens of cleveland is sad he died so young, happy he's finally at rest. >> we know that he died doing what he wanted to do because we know that he also had to talk my grandfather into signing up, so he could sign up and join the army. >> reporter: the three servicemen returned to their families and were buried with full military honors. at the end of the war the u.s. government was unable to recover, identify and bury an

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